Some gardens are magical and remain hidden unless you are destined to find them. These gardens are filled with the spirits of nature and, more often than not, have a guardian to watch over them.

Join Muriel Stirling as she opens the garden gates and begins an adventure her family's legacy has laid upon her! Discover the spirits that dwell within this Wicked Garden and decide if they, and their guardian, are friends or foes.

Lady Stirling's Wicked Garden Book Deck will be available early 2025 

This Book Deck features an original story by Hope Hughes and written by Norris Epps. Discover the spirits of the garden through the beautifully illustrated oracle cards and Muriel's field guide by Matt Hughes.

What lessons will you learn? What will the spirits teach you? 

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Lady Stirling's Wicked Garden Book Deck consists of 32 cards, an 80 page hard cover story book measuring 4.75" x 7.25", and a full size guide book. Each card is illuminated with gold foil stamping unique to that specific card design. The cards are high-quality 2.5" x 5" inch cards on 350 GSM black core stock with rounded corners. The decks come in a heavy, magnetic closure box with 76-page booklet describing each card's symbolism and its use in a reading. 

This is the second in our Book Deck series accompanying the highly successful Mother Mort's Carnival of Souls Book Deck

  • Each card is illuminated with a unique Gold foil stamp design
  • Premium heavy 350 GSM weight black core card stock
  • Easy-to-hold and shuffle format
  • 80 page, full color hard cover book telling the story of this wicked garden
  • Unique design to card back illuminated with Gold Foil
  • Large box design with Gold Foil design and magnetic closure
  • 76-page Garden Journal guide book describing the cards and how to use them in your own readings
  • Blue foil stamping added to the design of some cards