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One night, every few years, a mysterious carnival rolls into town. The age-worn tents unfurl under a blood moon and beacon people to the wonders it holds. Those who flock there find delight, wonder, terror, or death. It all depends on the ticket you possess...

Roll Up! 
Roll Up! 
Come one, Come all to Mother Mort’s Carnival! 

See sights that will baffle the mind and stretch the imagination!

Watch death-defying feats and flirt with danger! A Carnival so good, you’ll never leave. Follow young Jane as she discovers the carnival isn't quite like it seems.

Will she leave and return to her miserable life, which will, most likely, be cut short by a greedy, evil man, or will she find a family she so desperately longs for?

Discover the answer in Mother Mort's Carnival of Souls - the book is Jane's story, and the cards are yours! What fate will be revealed?

From the mind of Marie McWilliams and the art of Matt Hughes comes Mother Mort's Carnival of Souls!

Coming Fall '22